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Heritage Bible Cover

The Black Heritage Family Bible
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  • The authorized King James Version, including the Old and New Testaments.
  • From Malachi to Matthew - a historical summary of world history between these two testaments.
  • A general outline of the books of the Bible Chronology of the Bible - dates of the many events described in the Biblical Text.
  • The Laws of the Bible - The 10 Commandments and Civil Laws on everything from Abortion to Wills (alphabetically arranged).
  • Pages on the Teaching of the Scriptures concerning Marriage, and spaces for Marriage Wedding Records.
  • The Biblical Dictionary, Index and Concordance, over 200 pages of names and subjects, alphabetically arranged for easy reference.
  • Illustrated History of the Books of the Bible summarized.
  • A more than 80 page section " Men and Women of Color in the Bible, "Tracing the heritage of races and colors.
  • Pages for recording your own family history and genealogy.
  • Portraits and testimonials of famous black men and women on the importance of the Bible to them.
  • Helps to Bible Study" - a 32 page section describing the best methods of approach, along with suggestions of important subjects to pursue.
  • Large easy to read Types, All quotations from Jesus Christ printed in red.


The Black Heritage Bible Lessons

"Two Powerful Books Teaching Black History From the Bible"

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